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This is the official news page of Talsoft. Visit this page to keep abreast of the latest happenings.

Lead Stories

Talsofts App 2.2 Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the newest version of the Talsoft Topup App - Talsofts Topup 2.2.

Fri 8 Nov 2019 05:53:53 pm EST

Website Down Time

Talsoft Solution website was down momentarily today due to issues related to our server.

Thu 27 Jun 2019 05:06:16 pm EST

Free Website

Talsoft Solution is creating free websites for new small businesses.

Fri 19 Apr 2019 02:52:30 pm EST

Talsofts Topup App Now Published

Customers can now download the Talsofts Topup app from the google play store and begin purchasing their credit from their mobile phones.

Fri 4 Jan 2019 08:32:55 pm EST

Talsofts Introduces Direct Top Up

Topping up your Flow or Digicel mobile account has become much easier with direct top up introduced by Talsoft Solutions.

Sat 29 Dec 2018 11:41:54 pm EST

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