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Credit Top Up

Product Name
Credit Top Up
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Product Name
Credit Top Up

Online Credit Top Up

Now you can top up your digicel and flow mobile phones using our website. Talsofts provides the only online platform through which you can buy $100, $108, $200, $500 credit online. Credits will be sold much cheaper than at the shop. 

This how this feature works:

1. Sign up to be a Customer

  • Click the Customer Sign up button above to create a customer account. (If you already have one skip this step)
  • Visit your email to click the link. Once you click the link, then your account will be validated.
  • Log in to
  • Press the dashboard button to see all your account options. Click on my account and then my profile.
  • Once you go on my profile, please take note of the CustomerID number.

  • Pay to add money to your account.
  • Once the money has been added you will be able to buy credit.

2. Get the Credit

  • Sign in to Talsofts
  • Click on the dashboard button
  • Click Phone Credit and then Click Buy Credit.
  • Then select the credit you want and then purchase it.
  • The Credit Voucher Number and other related Information will be displayed if purchase was successful.

The cost for credit is detailed below:

Air Time Value

Digicel Flow
$100 - $125
$108 $135 -
$200 $250 $250
$500 $625 $625
Profuct Status
Product Start Date
Tuesday, November 27, 2018