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Talsofts App 2.2 Published

Publication Date: Friday November 8, 2019 05:53:53 pm EST
Last Updated: Friday November 8, 2019 05:54:57 pm EST
Publisher: Admin User

Talsofts Topup version 2.2 Promotional Image

We are pleased to announce the publication of the newest version of the Talsoft Topup App - Talsofts Topup 2.2.

Completely re-written using native coding, the app has been refined and new features have been added to the app. In this version of the app, customers will be delighted to experience the improved graphic user interface. More relevant options are available to users on the user main dash which displays the options in an eye-pleasing grid layout.

The app now uses a simple popup menu easily accessed from the menu icon above the talsoft topup icon. 

While the interface will attract many users, many of them will find the new features useful. Customers will now be able to send credit to any one in their contact list in addition to send credit to their phone as they could before. Sending credit to your contacts is easy as just clicking the name of the person you want to receive the credit. However, users must give the app permission to access their contacts. In the first version of the app, users were not able to edit their profile. That issue has been addressed and users are now able to edit their profile and change their password.

All features in the previous version of the app have been included in the Talsofts Topup 2.2

Additional security features have been implemented in this new app. Customers now must confirm their purchases so that all purchases are deliberate. Purchases are final; hence, customers must be sure that they want to make that purchase.  

It is very important that customers upgrade to this version of the app for improved user experience and to be able to access the latest features. While the previous version of the app still works, it will soon be disabled. 

Customers are always reminded to contact Support if they experience any difficulties or challenges using the platform. The app is only available in the Google Play Store. The windows version of the app will be discontinued shortly.