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Product Description & Information

Product NameTalsoftsSAS
Product Codetsas2012

The TalsoftsSAS website is a powerful school administrative system with a plethora of features. The system was designed to improve the administrative processes of the school. With this software school administrators can;

  • Create Detailed Student Profiles
  • Create Parent Profiles
  • Enter Student Attendance Information
  • View Scheduled Parent Conferences
  • Record Parent Conferences
  • Create Teacher Mark Books
  • Print Student Report Card
  • Create and Publish Blogs
  • Publish School News
  • Customize Frontpage
  • Download and Upload Files
  • Log Daily Occurrences
  • Create School Timetable
  • Create an Inventory of Library Material and Publications
  • Monitor Book Rental System
  • Message system users
  • Review Sixthform Applications
  • Analyze Student Performance
  • Download and Print Term Data Regarding Student Offences

Students and parents are able to;

  • Review Aspects of their Electronic Records
  • Print their School Reports (Parents can print those belonging to their children)
  • Send messages to School Administrators and other System Users
  • Create and Publish Blogs
  • Review Parent Conference Information
  • Solicit Advice from the Advice Column
  • Apply for Sixthform
  • Download Files

The TalsoftsSAS Mobile App is used in conjunction with this site. With the mobile app students can set up Homework Reminders. They would receive a notification when their homework's due date approaches.

**Please note that school administrators are able to do everything parents and students can do on the site.

Both the app and the site are very user-friendly with eye-pleasing graphical user interface.

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Product StatusActive
Product Start DateMonday, October 29, 2018