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TalsoftsSAS Mobile App


Product Description & Information

Product NameTalsoftsSAS Mobile App
Product Codetsasapp2016

TalsoftsSAS is the newest version of the Talsofts SAS app. The app must be used in conjunction with your school's Talsofts SAS website, which must have already been functional. This version of the app comes with several new exciting features including, and it has been completely redesigned. Some of these new features include;

*Applying for sixth form matriculation
*Reporting incidents to the school administration through the app
*Updating User profile
*Changing and recovering password for both users and sixth form applicants alike
*Publish blogs, news, advice (authenticated users)
*Contact specific areas of school administration
*Download news pictures that they like
*Push notifications are now handled by Google's Firebase Cloud.

The app's new design and functions are very attractive. You can swipe to read and/choose to delete inbox messages. The simplified first screen now carries users quickly to the app's main page.

The app is available on Google Play and the Microsoft Store.

Product StatusActive
Product Start DateSunday, October 28, 2018