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The following are questions that are frequently asked and may provide answers t0 questions you may also have:

  1. Can you purchase talsofts products online?
    • Not at this time. Online purchases capability will come to the website soon.
  2. How can I make an order?
    • You make an order by sending us a message using the contact form accessible by the support or contact us link. You may also click HERE to send us a message. Talsofts will contact you about your order.
  3. Are we able to pay for products in parts?
    • If you make a request and it has been approved then you will be able to pay in parts.
  4. Is there any documentation available about the software offered?
    • Documentation is critical to software use; hence, we will be publishing in short oder all the associating documentation.
  5. Do you offer Discounts?
    • Yes. Customers may ask for discounts on our various products and services.
  6. How long do you take to build a website?
    • Depending on what the customer requires and the features of the website, the process can take from a day to a month to be completed. 
  7. Do you build websites that can be displayed on mobile phones and tablets?
    • Yes we do at a small additional cost.
  8. Would you have to pay each time you want to update your website?
    • Payment for updates and upgrades to a website will depend on the nature of those updates and upgrades. Talsofts websites allow website administrators to upcontent contents dynamically without interacting with the server. However, upgrades will cost customers.
  9. Do you offer free mobile apps with the construction of websites?
    • No. Mobile applications may be built to work along side a website at an additional cost. 
  10. Is it possible to integrate my organization's social media pages with my websites?
    • Absolutely. Talsofts websites will be built with social media integration capabilities.
  11. Do you sell phone cards?
    • We do not sell physical phone cards. Customers will receive a voucher number at purchase which they are expected to use to refill their mobile accounts.