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SMS Notifications

Product Name
SMS Notifications
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Product Name
SMS Notifications

Our SMS Notification service allows our customers to send single or bulk sms messages to their constituents and/or members at a reasonable cost. This feature will undoubtedly improve communication in various entitities. The platform is web-based and customers are not required to have a mobile phone to send these messages. The notification system only allows customers to send messages and not to receive any

Customers will be able to create their recipient list and group them in customized groups. Messages can be sent to a group of recipients or an individual. Customers will pay a flat fee for this service each month and they will be able to send unlimited messages.

Subscription Type No. of Recipients Cost per Month (JA $)
Basic 20 $500
Bronze 50 $1000
Silver 100 $2000
Gold 150 $3000
Platinum 200 $4000
Platinum II 500 $10000
Super Platinum 1000 $20000

***You may purchase any combination of the packages listed above to arrive at the total you want or you may negociate with us.***

The following are the general terms and conditions of pur SMS subscription services:

  • Customers purchasing this service must ensure that the recipient's number is correct before adding it to their recipient's contact list as that information cannot be modified once it has been added to the customer's recipient's list.
  • Customers who do not select auto renew or do not have any funds on their talsofts account to facilitate the automatic renewal of their subscription must purchase a new subscription when the existing one expires. It means that a new contact list would have to be created. 
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Product Start Date
Tuesday, October 30, 2018