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Talsoft Solutions Privacy Policy

The following is the official Talsoft Solutions, also referred to as "Talsofts," Privacy Policy on the collection, use and storage of user data collected through its mobile application: Topup. 


Given that users' privacy is of utmost importance to Talsofts, information collected from our users shall only be sent to Talsofts' servers using only securred communication (https). User data is required for access to the main features of the app. Information Talsofts collects shall not be used by Talsofts for any other purpose. Hence this information will never be shared with a third party including but not limited to marketing companies, social media corporations and any other conglomerates. 

Data Collected

Our applications only collect personal information from users to create a profile through which they can access our electronic services. This information includes; name, address, email, telephone number, date of birth and sex. This information is collected when the customer creates the profile via the app or the talsofts website. Information obtained from devices for app functionality shall not be used by Talsofts to make solicitations from users.

Data Storage and Retention

Talsofts only stores userdata and activity in its main database and it is deleted when the customer deletes it or if the account has been inactive for more than one year when it will be deleted by Talsofts. Once an account is deleted, all the information associated with that user is no longer accessible by Talsofts or the customer. Additionally, messages users send to other users using our web or mobile applications are stored on Talsofts secured servers. Those messages shall only be stored and are not available for retrieval from the server except via authenticated use of the application. Users will not be allowed to request from Talsofts copies of the messages they send or received via the application. Information obtained is considered to be strictly confidential. Only a court of law shall compel Talsofts to release any information to a law enforcement agency. The storage of users' information will conform to Jamaican Laws. 

Amendment and Updates

This policy may be updated from time to time. Updates will always be in the best interest of securing user data. 

Submission of Queries/Concerns

To submit queries or concerns, please use or support contact portal accessible from the following link: Contact Support (talsofts.com)

Last Updated: July 17, 2024