Making Purchases on our Website

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Making Purchases on our Website

At this time, customers can purchase Digicel and Flow phone credit and SMS subscription plans on at anytime from anywhere. Additionally, customers can purchase phone credits through the Talsofts Topup App available both in the Google Play and Windows Stores. To purchase these products on our website, customers must add funds to their account. When you log into your profile for the first time, you will see a balance of $0. When you add funds to your account then that balance will reflect the amount you added. The ways in which customers can add funds to their account may not be clear for some people. Hence, this information below aims to clear up any confusion customers may have. 

At this time customers may add funds to their account in three ways:


Pay in Person

Customers can give Mr. Talbert the amount they would like to put on their account in person. All the funds given to Mr. Talbert will be placed on the account. Customers are reminded that they should provide their Customer ID# to him so that the funds are credited to the right account.


Pay Using Quisk

Customers can also send funds to their account through NCB Quisk. After sending the funds, the customer must contact Talsofts Support either by email or telephone to inform them that funds were sent. The customer will also be required to provide them with the Quisk Get Money Code. Once the funds are cleared, the amount will be credited to the customer's Talsofts Account. Customers must also provide Talsoft Support with their Customer ID so that the correct account is credited. Customers are asked to send funds to talsoftsolutions when sending funds to us via Quisk.


Direct Deposit

Customers can also add funds to their Talsofts account by sending funds to Talsofts bank account. These funds can be sent from their online banking profile or using an Automated Banking Machine (ABM) that accepts deposits. Once the funds are deposited, the customer should contact support and provide them with the transaction number/receipt code and their Customer ID. Funds deposited to our bank account will be credited to the customer's Talsofts account. Below are the details of the account to which customers may make deposits.

Account Number 364648979
Account Name Talsoft Solutions
Bank National Commercial Bank


Please Note the following

  1. Customers receive electronic receipts when they add funds to their account or make purchases on our website. Receipts are sent to the email on the customer profile.
  2. When funds are sent to Talsofts via NCB Quisk or direct deposit, funds must be cleared first by Talsofts before the customer's account is credited. After Talsoft Support has been contacted about the deposit or about the quisk transfer and the deposited funds have been verified, the funds will be credited to the customer's account immediately.
  3. Other payment options are currently being explored by Talsofts and customers will be informed when those options are available to them.