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Talsofts Topup App Now Published

Publication Date: Friday January 4, 2019 08:55:32 pm EST
Last Updated: Friday January 11, 2019 08:51:21 pm EST
Publisher: Admin User

Talsofts Topup Google Store Image

Customers can now download the Talsofts Topup app from the google play store and begin purchasing their credit from their mobile phones.

Available since today, the introduction of this new app will provided more added convenience for Talsoft Customers to buy their credit while they are on the go or while they are using their mobile internet connection since the application is a light-weight app using. In addition to buying credit, users of the app can create a customer account, view their account balance and/or check credit availability before their purchase. Additionally, anyone experiencing any difficulties can may contact Talsofts Support via the app.

Users do not have to worry about space, memory or even data usage. The app is built to be light-weight and their is very little to no back ground activities taking place on the app. It means that the app does not use up mobile data mercilessly. 

The app will soon be available in the windows store and hopefully in the the App Store in the near future. However, customers can access it now from their android devices in google play.

The video below describes a brief overview of the new app.

Here are some of the screen shots associated with the 

You may download the app from the Windows and Google Play Stores